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Check out this Facebook live video for a sneak peak into the process behind the project! 

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What's Visualizing Space Harmony?

It's a creative project transforming Rudolf Laban Space Harmony into beautiful 2-D and 3-D art. All of the images in the Visualizing Space Harmony project are actual dancer’s traceforms captured while they are dancing. Click here to see a behind the scenes sneak peak at how its done! 


What's A Traceform?

 It is the shape, or curve, in space made by a dancer’s moving body or a body part. Try it. Hold your hand in front of your face, and then lift your hand into the air. Your hand just created a straight vertical line starting in front of your face and ending up above your head. That imagined line is the traceform of your hand’s movement in your kinesphere! 


Theory and Beauty!

Visualizing Space Harmony uses the platonic solids as scaffolds on the dancer's kinesphere, Rudolf Laban’s movement theories, and technology to design and capture complex geometric traceforms in order to highlight the inherent beauty of human movement. Check out our gallery to marvel at the beauty of movement, or check out our theory page for resources on the theory behind the magic! 

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Visualizing Space Harmony